Mediaval Belt Hook, Bronze

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Such belt hooks appear in the middle of the 14th century. They could be used for 2 different kinds of belts:

Ceintures Longues, the long belts, where used with decorated fabric belts with a legth of 1,30m up to 1,80m (see reconstruction pic. 2). The long belts were used from both men and women up to the early 15th century.

Demi-Ceint, the half belts, only enclosed the body, the metal fittings were placed directly opposite each other. A chain was attached to the second fitting, and the buckle was hooked into the chain´s segments. At the end of the chain, several pendants like beads could be attached. (See reconstruction pic. 3 + 4). The Demi Ceint was the first belt type in the middle ages which was only used by women. The tradition of the medaillon decorated belt hooks lives up to the late 16th century.

Different belt fittings for Demi-Ceint or Ceintures Longues are available at our webshop. The hook was made after an orignal find from Paris, now in the Musée de Cluny (pic. 5). Length 70mm x 30mm, suitable for fabric or thin leather belts of 15 to 17 mm (not included). Handcrafted from real Bronze, delivery with rivets.

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