Torque Waldalgesheim, Bronze

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Torc Waldalgesheim

An absolute highlight in our assortment is this wonderful neckring or torc inspired by an original find from Waldalgesheim / Germany. Contrary to the original, we added some soldering sleeves which makes the connection between the several parts very strong and useful for everyday use. Fabriqué en bronze véritable et solide. Le Torc sera livré dans une boîte cadeau avec certificat.

The Celtic tomb of the Princess of Waldalgesheim

The tomb of the Celtic princess of Waldalgesheim is one of the most important finds of the Celtic Latène period. It was discovered 1869 in agricultural works and a year later by the "Verein von Alterthumsfreunden in the Rhineland" with illustrations published. A modern excavation was unsuccessful, the probable site was finally built in 2007.

The outstanding finds are now in the collection of the Rheinische Landesmuseum in Bonn. In their composition, with their yoke fittings and iron equipment, they pointed out from the horse's harness a carriage-carriage, in which a member of the Celtic upper class was buried between 330 and 320 BC. The eye-catching and individual ornament style with its ranks-like decorations is regarded as the leitmotiv of Celtic art and bears the name "Waldalgesheim style".
Outstanding beside the car parts is the personal decoration of the Celestial Princess with golden arm and ankle rings. Especially the neck (Torques) is one of the outstanding works of art from the Celtic period.
In addition, a valuable drinking utensils with a magnificent cane were also included.

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