Earrings Schnippenburg, Bronze

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The "Schnippenburg" is an acient fortification near of Ostercappeln in Germany. Since 2001 archeological excavations revealed a kind of ancient trading place, connecting the celtic south and the germanic north. Not only imported celtic goods were discovered, but also lokal copies in slightly different style. A certain number of sacrificial pits maybe belonged to a larger sanctuary. Scientific examinations of coal out of the fortification dated the wall between 278 and 258 v. Chr. The number and quality of archeological finds is unique in that region. An exhibition of the Schnippenburg took place in 2007 in Osnabrueck.

Some of the finds were reconstructed with permission of the Stadt- and Kreisarchäologie Osnabrück in a limited number.

The disc-earrings were minted with an original fabricated, authentic punch made from bronze and separate small punches at the edge. At the top a handmade glass pearl is placed, also produced in authentic techniques.  The original was made in one single piece, but we use two parts with a movable joint. This increases the comfort of wearing significantly. Due to the handcraft manufacture, slight differences to the picture are possible. Will be delivered in a blue gift box, diamater of the disc is about 30mm.

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