Pendentif Lunula d'or 585

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Pendentif petite Lunula en or 585

Pendants in shape of a half moon are common amulets in the iron age and during the roman empire. They were found in nearly all known provincial roman settlements, graveyards and military fortifications since the 2nd century AD. As archelogical finds show, they were also used by celts and germans.
The moon-shaped pendants were called lunulae after the roman moon goddess Luna. Especially woman and children trusted in the magical power to avert danger and disaster.
Another interpretation is the connection between the moon phases and the female menstruation, so the moon is seen as a female star and symbol of female power and identity. It symbolizes intuition, creativity and sensuality.

Copy of an original from southern Germany, size 15 x 15 mm. Handcrafted in 585 / 14 carat gold, delivery with leather thong and certificate in gift box.

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