Gothic Brooch, Bronze

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This about 50mm long bow fibula of the Ostrogoths (eastern goths) with kerbschnitt-decoration (chip carving) is the reconstruction of an original of the germanic Danube-Type with parallels in the former roman provionce Noricum (now Austria). In the younger layers of the excavations in Carnuntum/Austria some nearly identic specimens were found. They date to germanic migration period, exactly in the first half of the 5th century. One single piece of this type was found at Levice-Tokari at the Crimea, refering to the battle of Nedao, where the huns after the death of Atilla were defeated by an allied germanic army, mostly of Goths and Gepids, in 454 AD.

Handcrafted from real bronze, fully operative. Picture 2 shows the original.

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