Sator-Square Pendant, Silver

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The sator square is a magical palindrome that may be read from left to right, from right to left, from top to bottom and from bottom to top. There were several attempts to interpret the meaning of the words "SATOR AREPO TENET OPERA ROTAS". The earliest ingraving of the palindrome was found in the ruins of the roman city pompei, dating before 79 AD.  Since then, the sentence was very popular through the centuries, there are several examples of inscriptions in latin letters, but also in runes.
The translation word by word means "The farmer Arepo holds the wheels to work with efforts", the deeper meaning is not visible at the first glimpse. Maybe it is a kind of an early christian profession of faith? It is possible to form a greek cross of the first half of the letters, meaning "A-PATERNOSTER-O", A and O were the first letters of the greek alphabet, as symbols for beginning and end. Paternoster means "our father".
But there are serveral other attempts to interpret the words, there are mathematic ways, or magical, of course. The Sator-Arepo-Tenet-Opera-Rotas square was used to give protection against the plague, is thought to give help against hunger or fire. Pendant charms really existed, but our reproduction is decorated with the latin inscribtion from the front side and an authentic  rune inscription from the backside, based on an original find. Size without eyelet 30 x 25mm.

Handcrafted from high quality 925 silver, delivered with leather thong and certificate.

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