Jupiter Statue, Bronze

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Jupiter Optimus Maximus, the "best and the greatest" of all gods, was equated with the greek Zeus. He was the god of the skys and spreads fear and terror among his foes by hurling lightnings and thunder. Nearly human are his affections to the female gender, a large number of ancient beauties felt victim to his cleverness and transformations. He was the protector of the Roman Army, his insignia, lightnings and thunderbolt, were painted on many legionary shields. His animal was the eagle, symbolizing the legions. The bearers of the eagle-standarts were called aquilifer (lat aquila = eagle) and were very experienced and courageous soldiers.

Our small statue is handcrafted from massive bronze and bases on an original find of the Saalburg Museum, mounted on a heavy pedestal. In his left hand he carries a thunderbolt made from brass. Height ca. 120mm.

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