Viking Trefoil Brooch, Bronze

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Viking Trefoil Brooch in Borre-style of the 9th century AD. The fibula is based on an original find diplayed at the museum Moesgard, Danmark (pic. 2).
The first Trefoil Fibulae were imported sword belt fittings from the carolingian empire and adapted as brooches by adding a pin construction. Soon they were also produced by viking craftsmen in the typical animal style. They were made from bronze and sometimes in silver and became a typical part of the viking women´s dress. The Trefoil Brooches were worn between the oval brooches, maybe to close the tunic or to hold the apron in place. Picture 3 shows the position of the brooches at two female burials at Birka, Sweden.
Like many originals, our reproduction has got an eyelet at the backside to hang on decorative chains. At the mid of the 10th century, the Trefoil Brooches disappeared.

Handcrafted from real bronze with operative iron pin. Diameter ca. 50mm.

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