Medieval Frame Brooch, Bronze

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The original of this small frame brooch was placed to our disposal by a private collector. A similiar find from middle Germany is part of the Haedecke collection. It dates to the 13. - 14th century AD.
Lit: Schmuck aus drei Jahrtausenden - Sammlung Hanns-Ulrich Haedecke.

Symmetric and pennanular brooches survived in many original finds, but they are also visible at medieval statues. They were used to close the garments in front of the breast, picture 2 shows the famous statue of  Uta of Naumburg. Concerning the function and the size of the original brooches, it is difficult to fit them direct into the cloth. The original dresses therefore had separate loops.

Handcrafted from bronze with forged pin and frame. Diameter 40 mm.

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