Glauberg Warrior, bronze

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Near the modern village of Glauberg / Germany, archaeologists discovered an early celtic settlement of the 5th century B.C., comprising a fortified settlement, religious and cultural facilities with huge ditches and ceremonial paths, astronomic installations and some very rich burials of celtic lords or chieftains, covered by a large tumulus.

One of the most important finds of the extremely rich burial no. 1 was a large jug, decorated with two mythical creatures and a male figure with crossed legs. Without any knowledge about the religious habitat of the early celts it is nearly impossible to explain the meaning of theese depictions. Maybe it is Cernunnos, the celtic god and master of the animals, who is sitting between two stylized deers, similiar to depictions at the gundestrup kettle or the wooden statues of Fellbach-Schmiden.

Our reproduction is placed on a marble pedestal and is 4 cm high ( 7 cm including the pedestal).

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