Fibule Romaine, Bronze

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Fibule romaine avec la décoration Pelta. Camp romain Zugmantel, Allemagne. Milieu de 2e siècle jusqu'au début de 3e siècle.


Roman Fibula with Pelta-Decoration. The Pelta ornament was very common in this period, it refers to a light shield of the ancient greek infantery.
This type of brooch is not very widespread, the finds are limited to the region near the rivers Rhine an Main in Germany and the forts at the Upper-German Limes. It is a soldier´s brooch, dating to the mid 2nd century / early 3rd century. The original of this fibula was found at the Zugmantel fort at the Taunus hills.

Copied with kindly permission of the Saalburg-Museum. Inventory Number ZM57, size ca. 5,4cm. Our reconstruction is handmade from real bronze with fully operational spring pin.

Literature: A. Böhme-Schönberger, Die Fibeln der Kastelle Saalburg und Zugmantel, In: Saalburg-Jahrbuch XXIX (Berlin 1972).

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