Mordant Viking Gokstad, Bronze

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Mordant de ceinture du temps de Vikings. Du bateau de Gokstad, Norvège. Milieu de 9e siècle ap. J. C.


In 1890, two teenager discovered a grave of the viking period underneath a mound near the farm of Gokstad in Sandar, Norway. The archeological examination unvealed a ship burial with other remarkable finds such as a sleigh, tents, horse equipment and even three smaller boats. All valuable finds and weapons seem to be removed in ancient time. The excavators dicovered the human remains of a 50 -70 years old men, maybe the king Olaf Geirstad-Alf. Among the other finds, some belt parts were discovered.

This strap end is reproduced after one of these finds. It measures 67 x 37 mm and will be delivered with back plate of sheeth metal and integral rivets.

Nicolaysen, N., The Viking-Ship Discovered at Gokstad in Norway/Langskibet fra Gokstad ved Sandefjord, Christiania (1882)

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