Pendant Hiddensee, Silver

This pendant is based on finds from Heddeby / Haithabu and the finds from the gold treasure of Hiddensee, which was buried on the island in the 10th century.

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Pendant Hiddensee / Heddeby

Pendant inspired by Viking finds from Heddeby (Haithabu) and the island of Hiddensee. The pendant is made of solid bronze and slightly smaller than the original finds, which are quite large.

Handcrafted from solid 925 silver. Supplied with leather cord and certificate in a jewellery case. Size approx. 36 x 34 mm.


Cross-shaped pendants and the treasure find from Hiddensee

Among the most beautiful pieces of jewellery of the Viking Age are those made in the so-called granulation or filigree technique. Beads, wires, eyelets, rings and other small parts were soldered onto various types of base plates. So-called patrices were found in the harbour basin of the Viking settlement of Haithabu (see picture). These prototypes were used to make cross-shaped base plates of precious metal sheet, which were later refined by granulation. Particularly high-quality amulets made of precious metal are, for example, the Thorhammer from Scania and the gold treasure from Hiddensee from the 10th century AD.

This largest gold treasure of the Viking Age on German soil was discovered between 1872 and 1875 on the beach of Neuendorf on the Baltic Sea island.

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weight 0.025000
size 36 x 34 mm
Era Vikings
Material Silver 925
Kind of replica Pendants
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