Roman Siege Tower, 1:87

Model card kit of an ancient roman siege tower with ram an bridges. Scale 1:87, Size 19 x 6 x 10 cm. Comprising 3 cardboard sheets.

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Roman Siege Tower, 1:87

Model card kit of an ancient roman siege tower with ram and bridges. Scale 1:87, Size 19 x 6 x 10 cm. Difficulty 2 (of 0-3,  medium), consisting of 3 cardboard sheets. The parts have to be cut out with a scissor, folded and glued. Kit includes modeling sheets, instructions, and tips for construction. Highly detailed paper modeling for the hobby enthusiast, suitable for individual diorama construction and educational purposes for schools and museums.


Roman Siege Towers

In ancient times, important places were usually protected by mighty walls and towers. During military campaigns, various siege equipment and heavy guns were therefore used to capture fortified cities. The siege technology goes back to much older origins to the time of the Assyrians, Persians or Greeks. In Roman times, the equipment was perfected and adapted to the conditions. Heavy siege engines were usually built directly on site, after the individual parts had been procured from the local environment or special parts had been transported over long distances.

Siege towers were used to protect the troops and transport them to the city walls. They were mounted on wheels and could be moved by draft animals or soldiers. For this purpose, the terrain had to be prepared; pioneer units levelled large areas for this purpose or piled up mighty ramps when the siege required it. When the Jewish fortress of Massada was captured, the Romans filled in a mighty ramp, the impressive size of which is still preserved today. The siege towers used are said to have been 26 metres high.
A battering ram was attached to the foot of the siege tower, with which walls and gates could be torn down. Several storeys above it held the units waiting to be deployed against the enemy wall. Fold-out drop bridges were used to overcome the distance to the wall and thus enabled the soldiers to get directly onto the city wall. On the top level were archers who could provide cover with a good view of the enemy troops.
Since the enemies often tried to destroy the wooden tower with incendiary projectiles, the outer shell was protected by fireproof material. Wet animal skins were often used for this purpose

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Delivery time 1-2 weeks
weight 0.200000
size 19 x 6 x 10 cm
Scale 1:87
Level of difficulty 2 - medium
Type of model Others
Era Romans
Material Cardboard
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