Claddagh-Ring, Gold 585

Classical Claddagh Ring made after traditional originals from Ireland.

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Claddagh Ring - Our replica

Our replica of a classic Claddagh Ring was made according to historical models from Ireland and Great Britain. As a symbol of love and loyalty, it has enjoyed great popularity for centuries. Our Claddagh ring is made of solid 14 carat / 585 yellow gold and features a crowned heart held by two hands.


Claddagh Ring - The historical origins

Finger rings depicting interlocking hands have been known since ancient times. In ancient Rome, the joined right hands ("dextrarum iunctio") represented a symbol of marriage. This formal act is depicted on some ancient sarcophagi. It can therefore be assumed that Roman rings with the depiction of interlocking hands were worn in the sense of our modern wedding rings. From Italian comes the modern term "mani in fede", which can be translated as "hands in love and fidelity". "Fede" basically means a promise of love. In the Middle Ages, the term "Handtruwe", hand fidelity, developed. This refers to an object that symbolises the love and togetherness of two people, e.g. a ring or brooch.
The Handtruwe can stand for a relationship between engaged couples, for married couples, but also for a relationship between parents and children. In the Middle Ages and especially since the Renaissance, these feather rings were used as engagement rings, their popularity only ending in the late 19th century.

The "Claddagh ring" is a traditional version of the feather ring from Ireland. It is named after a fishing village near Galway, where the legend of its origin is said to have come from. The motif consists of two hands holding a heart from both sides, which in many cases is covered by a crown. The shape has not changed since the 16th century. An original meaning as a guild ring of the fishermen of Galway is also possible.

Today, the Claddagh ring is still a popular piece of jewellery in Ireland and a symbol of Irish identity. The hands symbolise friendship, the heart love and the crown faithfulness and loyalty.
One legend of its origin is associated with the Irish silversmith Richard Joyce from Galway. He is said to have been kidnapped and enslaved by Algerian pirates on a ship's voyage. In his captivity he worked as an assistant to a goldsmith until, at the instigation of an intervention by King William III, he was to be released after 15 years. The goldsmith offered him his daughter's hand in marriage and half his fortune, but Joyce was drawn back home where he had left the woman of his heart. The story ends with the gift to his beloved of the ring he had made for her during his captivity and a happy ending. In any case, one of the oldest surviving Claddagh rings bears his initials. The hands symbolise attachment, the heart symbolises love and the crown symbolises fidelity and loyalty.

There is also said to be further symbolism associated with the use of the ring: Someone who wears the ring with the tip of the heart pointing away from them is single. If one wears the ring with the tip pointing towards the body, one is in a committed relationship.

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