Duck Head Mount, Bronze

This kind of duck head mounts of the Noric-Pannonian woman´s belt were always attached as a pair, probably above the hips. The fittings belong to Garbsch´s group E3.

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Noric Pannonian Duck Head Mount

Duck head mounts were found in considerable numbers together with other Noric-Pannonian belt fittings. Jochen Garbsch interprets the fittings, which always occur in pairs, as additional stiffeners and decorations of the woman's belt, which were attached to the side of the belt above the hip. The duck head mounts correspond to Garbsch group E3 with a central hinge, which ensures a better fit to the body shape.
The exact function or meaning of the fittings is unknown, but the design is in an old Celtic tradition. Similar animal heads or water bird symbolism can already be found on Middle Latène belt chains, brooches and other implements.

Length approx. 12.5 cm, solid bronze. Price for 1 piece.

J. Garbsch, Die norisch-pannonische Frauentracht im 1. und 2. Jahrhundert, Münchner Beiträge z. Vor- und Frühgeschichte, Bd. 11, 1965

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Delivery time 4-5 weeks
weight 0.070000
size 12,5 cm
Era Romans
Material Bronze
Kind of replica Belt Buckles and Fittings
scope of delivery With rivets and instructions, ready to assemble.
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