Brooch Almgren 22, Bronze

Early roman brooch from the age of emperor Augustus. This type was popular among the roman soldiers, but also among the germanic peoples of the settlements at the lower rhine.

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Roman Fibula Almgren 22

Early roman brooch from the age of emperor Augustus. The fibula of the type Almgren 22 were popular in the rhinelands and typical soldier´s brooches of the early 1st century. They are found in all early military forts at the middle and lower Rhine such as Haltern or Oberaden and also at the battlefield of Kalkriese. Single pieces come from roman women´s burials (Mainz-Weisenau).
The Almgren 22 brooch was also widespread among the germanic settlements and burial fields at the lower Rhine, where they are found mostly in pairs in woman´s burials.

Our replica measures with a full operative spring construction. It will be delivered with a certificate and a gift box.

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Delivery time 3-4 weeks
weight 0.040000
size 60 mm
Era Romans
Material Bronze
Kind of replica Fibulae and Brooches
scope of delivery With jewellery case
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