Early Roman Watchtower 1/87

Scale model cardboard kit of an early wooden roman watchtower from the Limes. The parts have to be cut with scissors, folded and glued.

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Early Roman Limes Watchtower, 1:87

Scale model cardboard kit of a roman watchtower from the Limes. The parts have to be cut out with scissors, folded and glued. Difficulty "very easy", consisting of 2 carboard sheets. Highly detailed paper modeling for the hobby enthusiast, suitable for individual diorama construction and educational purposes for schools and museums. Size 20x20x17 cm


Roman wooden watchtower

During the reign of emperor Trajan, Roman border troops built wooden watchtowers on the Raetian Limes. The present Schreiber sheet cardboard model is based on a true-to-the-original replica that is located at Michelstadt in the Odenwald and was carried out according to the latest archaeological findings.

There are hardly any sources for information on the construction of Roman watchtowers. Reconstructions of the towers on the Limes are often based on reliefs from the Trajan's Column in Rome. Excavations along the course of the Roman Limes revealed that the towers were built on low hills, which were surrounded by shallow moats. As a foundation, stones were stacked in dry construction. There were recesses for mighty corner posts at the four corners. Beams were presumably fastened in slots on each side of the tower, which, when placed one on top of the other, formed a grid that was supposed to hold the foundation together. Inside, the foundation was filled with clay.

The Romans erected log towers over the foundation. They built beams or logs horizontally one above the other. The prototype for this model did not have a balcony on the outside of the tower. There were two large windows on each side from which the Roman soldiers watched the Limes.

The Limes, i.e. the border between the Roman Empire and Germania, initially only existed as a militarily guarded post route, which was lined with wooden towers. Wooden palisades were later erected along the post route. At the end of the 2nd century, the dilapidated wooden towers were replaced by stone towers. Later the border troops dug walls and ditches immediately behind the palisades. Only a few traces of the wooden structures have survived today.

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Delivery time 1-2 weeks
weight 0.100000
size 20 x 20 x 17 cm
Scale 1:87
Level of difficulty 1- easy
Type of model Building
Era Romans
Material Cardboard
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