Small Phallus Pendant, Bronze

Small winged phallus amulet made of genuine and authentic bronze. In ancient times, the phallus was a symbol of luck. He was worn by adults and children, but also as amulet on horse bridles. 

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Small Roman Phallus Pendant

Small winged phallus amulet made of genuine and authentic bronze.

Reconstruction of a beautiful, massive original piece. The phallus was considered a general good luck charm in antiquity and was also worn by children or as an amulet on a horse's harness. Even Roman doorbells (tintinabuli) were often made in the shape of a phallus.  It was a symbol of fertility and prosperity and was seen as warding off evil, similar to a horseshoe today. In Italy, it is still common today to wear a lucky charm in the shape of a stylised phallus. Today, hardly anyone is aware of the origin of the small horns called "corno".

For us today, it is a symbol from a bygone era in which sexuality was considered a natural and not at all obscene part of life. Only the Christian moral concepts, which made physical love and the human body something impure and sinful, shaped our present-day image of this ancient lucky charm.


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Delivery time 1-2 weeks
weight 0.020000
size 18 mm
Era Romans
Material Bronze
Kind of replica Pendants
scope of delivery With jewellery case and leather necklace
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