Rune ring with individual inscription, Silver

You give us the text and we make the rune ring according to your ideas! The inscription can be depicted individually in the older or Viking Age Futhark. Modern inscriptions or special characters are also possible!

Whether as an individual, personal ring, as a gift or as a friendship or wedding ring: a piece of history and runic magic will accompany you!

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Ring with individual runic inscription - custom-made service

After we have received quite a number of requests concerning individual inscriptions, we now officially offer the service of a unique custom-made ring!

You give us the inscription and we make the rune ring according to your ideas! The inscription can be individually depicted in the older or in the Viking Age Futhark. Modern inscriptions or special characters are also possible! 

The runes are worked deep into the model BEFORE casting, so it is not a subsequent, industrial engraving!

The rune ring is handcrafted from high-quality 925 silver. The inside of the rune ring is slightly curved (cambered) for the greatest possible wearing comfort. The ring band is very solidly crafted with a width of around 8 mm and offers enough space for legible inscriptions. Approximately 15 to 16 runes fit comfortably on a piece with a diameter of 18 mm. If there are more inscriptions, they will have to be slightly compressed. We can translate the desired inscriptions into runic characters ourselves or design them freely according to your ideas. Additional inscriptions on the inside, e.g. for use as a wedding ring, are also possible. A production in all common gold alloys or the setting of a gemstone can also be realised. We will be happy to submit you an individual offer based on the daily rate.

I will also be happy to send you an order form in advance, in which deviating individual special requests such as ring width, matting or surface design can be additionally adapted to your wishes! 

If you have any further questions or if you would like to send us a picture (.jpg or .pdf) of your rune ring, please contact us at: mail(at)

The delivery includes a certificate and comes in a gift box.

As the individual rune ring usually has an inscription all around, it is hardly possible to change the size afterwards. Therefore, please make sure that the desired size information is correct. You can have your ring size measured in any jewellery shop or send us a matching ring to take the size. If you wish, we can send you our ring measure "Multisizer" free of charge by post in advance when you place an order. The indication of the circumference is somewhat finer graduated, also intermediate sizes are possible by the individual production of the rune ring.


Personalised Rune Ring - A piece of history

The language of the Germanic tribes is attested by runic inscriptions from about 150 AD onwards. Probably the oldest inscription is found on an unusual, so-called monstrous brooch (about type Almgren 217) in a grave in Himlingöje, Denmark. The runic inscriptions, carved, hewn or stamped in wood, bone, stone or metal, provide information about the linguistic development in Northern Europe for more than a thousand years.
Until about 800 AD, the inscriptions were written in an alphabet (so-called futhark, after the phonetic value of the first letters in the series) of 24 runic characters. Each of these runes has its own name, which can be traced back to its pronunciation and has been handed down in medieval runic poems. Linguistics was thus able to reconstruct the older Futhark at an early stage. The meaning of the rune can be deduced from its name.

With the development of various Germanic languages (e.g. the German, Anglo-Saxon or Scandinavian dialects), the Futhark was also adapted to the respective regional needs. At the time of the Vikings, there was a series of the younger Futhark reduced to 16 characters, which was also in use in several variants. Later, this was extended again, especially with the use of further differentiating dots, and in the 13th century it was rearranged according to the Latin alphabet. Especially in Scandinavia, the runic script was still very common until the late Middle Ages and existed in parallel with the Latin script. 
Objects with runes are not uncommon, especially the scratching of names on jewellery to mark one's possessions was widespread. But the runes were not only practical means of communication in daily life, they were also closely related to magic, "rune" means "secret". This original meaning of the word is still preserved today in the related words "raunen" and "Geraune".
According to the legend, the runes were created by Odin, who hung for 9 days and nights, wounded by his own spear, on the world tree Yggdrasil. The divine origin and the possibility of fixing the spoken word for eternity explains the special magical meaning of the runes themselves. For a normal person who could neither read nor write, this had to be tantamount to a miracle.


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