Roman Brooch A 68, Silver

Brooch of the type Almgren 68, "Kräftig profilierte Fibel". A very popular fibula during the 1st century in the roman provinces and also in free Germania.

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"Kraeftig Profilierte" Brooch, Type Almgren 68

The cast of an original (see picture) has been reconstructed by hand in solid sterling silver to be fully functional. The pin has been made from sturdy alpaca silver. Supplied with certificate, length approx. 55mm -  This variant is slightly more elongated than our. Nr. 339001.


Roman / Germanic Brooch Type A68

Many older Germanic fibula forms are inconceivable without models from the Celtic world - and later from the Romanised world. The similarity and spread of some forms across all borders illustrate how close the cultural exchange was, at least at the beginning of the Roman Empire. An example of this is the brooch type Almgren 68 (one-piece, profiled brooch with sinew hook), which also has its predecessors in late Celtic and early Roman brooch forms.

This type of the Strongly Profiled Brooch dates quite precisely to the 40s-70s AD. Chr., i.e. until the end of the Julian-Claudian imperial dynasty. A68 is found in Roman military camps for securing the Alpine foothills, in Limes camps (e.g. Hofheim), as well as in the Austrian Alpine lands, in Bohemia and in East Germany (Silesia, Posen, West Prussia). Individual pieces scattered as far as northern Denmark and Gotland. Across all borders, this type was thus common both in the Roman provinces and in free Germania.

Literature: G. Kossack, Frühe römische Fibeln aus dem Alpenvorland und ihre chronologische Bedeutung für die germanischen Kulturverhältnisse, in: Festschrift F. Wagner, M. 1962 S. 125-137.

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