Roman Lar Statuette, Bronze

Bronze figure after a find from the 1st to 3rd century AD.

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Lar, Roman Statue made of Bronze

The small statuette is handmade from solid bronze true to the original after a find from a private collection. The casting is done in the traditional lost wax process, which has been used for thousands of years to produce high-quality castings. The blank is then elaborately hand finished and polished.
According to the Roman custom "Do ut des" ("I give so that you may give"), the Lar expects offerings and in return is willing to bring good fortune, health and prosperity upon his family from his cornucopia. The small statuette expectantly holds an offering bowl in its hand.
Height with base plate approx. 80 mm, with profiled base approx. 89 mm. Please select the desired base in the field above.
Lar, roman god figure made of bronze
The Lares (or lat. Lares) were protective gods of families and localities. They were the central gods of the private Roman domestic cult and protected both the building and its inhabitants. These so-called Lares Familiares were worshipped in small temples (Lararien). They could be painted as elaborate images on the walls of the lararium or worshipped as real statues made of metal or clay. It is believed that there was a special connection to the deceased ancestors and that the worship of the Lararia dates back to prehistoric home burials. The Roman poet Plautus has the Lar describe himself in one of his comedies: "I am the Lar Familiaris of the house from which you have seen me step. This house I have owned and cherished for many years, already for the father and grandfather of the one who now occupies it".
In addition to the Lares Familiares, certain places, crossroads and buildings were also protected by their personal Lares and venerated accordingly.

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Delivery time 3-4 weeks
weight 0.120000
size 80 - 89 mm
Era Romans
Material Bronze
Kind of replica Gods and cult
scope of delivery Delivery in a jewellery case with certificate
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