Rivet Small Head, Bronze

Simple Rivet, handcrafted from Bronze complete with washer. Slightly domed head, polished by hand.

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Rivet Small Head, Bronze

Rivet, handcrafted from Bronze complete with washer.
Flat head, polished by hand.

To assemble belt fittings or for decoration purposes.

The rivet has to be shortened to the desired length and filed even (very important!). The pin must not be too long, otherwise the rivet will bend. With a sllight hammer the pin of the rivet has to be streched over the washer. Be careful and hit slightely. Prefer more hits than more strength.



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More Information
Material Bronze
weight 0.001000
Head Diametre 5,5 mm
Head height 1,5 mm
Shaft Diameter 2,8 mm
Shaft length 10mm
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