Onager, Roman Catapult

Das Katapult ist einem römischen Onager nachempfunden, aber natürlich steht hier nicht die Authentizität, sondern der Spaß beim Bauen und Spielen im Vordergrund! Mit dem Holzkatapult können nicht nur Geschicklichkeitsspiele mit Freunden gespielt, sondern auch die eigene Burg effektiv geschützt werden.

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Onager Catapult

The catapult is modelled on a Roman onager, but of course the focus here is not on authenticity, but on the fun of building and playing! The wooden catapult can be used not only to play games of skill with friends, but also to effectively protect your own castle. The compact and easy-to-use catapult encourages children's creativity.

The catapult is made of sturdy 4mm beech plywood that can be easily painted. The wooden components of the kit are made of natural wood (beech plywood and solid beech) from as many local producers and suppliers as possible.

The tension of the throwing arm is created with the help of a rubber ring, which means that the catapult can also be reinforced with additional rubbers. 

Not only can small battles be played out in the children's room, adults can also have fun conquering their colleague's desk! Targets are included in the kit, which contains all the parts required for construction:

* 40 components made of sturdy beech plywood
* Detailed building instructions
* Greaseproof paper
* 10 bullets as ammunition
* Wood glue

Children aged 10 and over can assemble the kit on their own, but younger children aged 6 and over can of course also play with it.

More Information
Delivery time 1-2 weeks
weight 0.500000
size 125 x 67 x 75 mm (L x B x H)
Level of difficulty 0 - very easy
Type of model Others
Era Romans
Material Wood
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