Osiris Pendant Large, Silver

Reconstruction of a well preserved original of the roman era. The cult of this god of the underworld and his wife Isis was celebrated until the rise of christianity in the roman world. Figures of Osiris in shape of a mummy were found all over the empire. Temples of Isis were found in Pompei and Mainz (Germany). Our Osiris pendant is only slightly reconstructed and has got an eyelet to be worn as a pendant.

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Osiris - Pendant

Reconstruction of a very well preserved original piece from the Roman Imperial period. The cult of the god of the underworld and his wife Isis was still practised in the Roman world until Christianity became established. Mummy-shaped Osiris statuettes are found throughout the empire and were used, among other things, as consecration offerings.
Our Osiris pendant was only slightly reconstructed in the damaged areas of the original and provided with an attachment eyelet. Handmade from solid 925 silver! Picture 3 shows the original.


As god of the afterlife, the underworld and rebirth, Osiris was one of the most important deities in ancient Egypt. His myth was written down by the Greek writer Plutarch in the late 1st century. In this tale, Osiris is murdered by his envy-filled brother Seth. The body is dismembered by the murderer and the remains scattered all over the world.
Isis, Osiris' sister and wife, in her grief, gathers all the parts of the dead body and, using magic, brings the body back to life for a brief moment. She conceives a son who, as the sun god Horus, will avenge his father.
Osiris has ruled over the underworld ever since; he is the king of the dead and the afterlife. As a sign of his power, he carries a crosier and flail in many depictions, as well as the crown of Upper Egypt. He is often depicted in the form of a mummy with green, black or white skin.

The main site of the ancient Egyptian Osiris cult was Abydos, where he was worshipped as a triad together with Isis and Horus.


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