Boat of Pharao Cheops, 1:100

Cardboard model kit of an Egyptian boat in the scale 1: 100. The detailed model of Cheop´s Sunbark is beautifully equipped and lovingly designed after the find from Giza.

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Cardmodel Sunbark, Boat of Pharao Cheops

Cardboard model kit of an Egyptian boat in the scale 1: 100. The detailed model is beautifully equipped and lovingly designed. The model of the ship is based on the find of the boat, which was found in the immediate vicinity of the Pyramid of Cheops. It is probably a sunbark, associated with ritualistic ceremonies. The find can now be visited at the Sunbark Museum in Giza. The model has a size of L43 x W14 x H5 cm and consists of 2 cardboard sheets, difficulty level 2 of 3 (for intermediate modelers).


Card model kit Sunbark, the boat of Pharaoh Cheops

The ancient Egyptians buried a "sun bark" next to the tomb of their pharaoh because they believed that their ruler in the afterlife needed a vessel of transportation. In 1954, parts of a bark of cedar wood were found in five pits near the Pyramid of Cheops. The bark has been restored and reassembled from 1200 pieces of wood. Since then she has been standing in a glass museum near the Great Pyramid in Giza.

Depictions of the sun's motion on a water vessel refer to a sun ship or sun bark. Sunships can be found in depictions of Ancient Egypt, but also during the Nordic Bronze Age in Northern Europe. The bark was an important means of transportation in ancient Egypt and also had a representative and cultural significance. After the introduction of the re-cult in the 5th dynasty, according to the belief of the Egyptians, the sun god drove a sun bark over the sky during the day and crossed the waters of the underworld at night.

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Delivery time 1-2 weeks
weight 0.300000
size 43 x14x5 cm
Scale 1:100
Level of difficulty 2 - medium
Type of model Ships
Era Egypt
Material Cardboard
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