Roman Phalera medium size, Bronze

Roman phalere with three-dimensional concentric decorations, handcrafted in genuine bronze. Suitable as a medal of honor for a Roman centurion, as a furniture application or for a horse harness.

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Phalera, Dona Militaria

Medium sized phalera (ornamental disc) with a diameter of approx. 9 cm as a medal for Roman officers, as a furniture application or as decoration of a horse harness, for example. The phalera is available in two versions: Once with rivets for fastening (the delivery is without holes, which you can set individually as needed), or with a loop and pin fastening for leather with eyelets attached to the backside.

For the production, first a detailed model is made in wax, which is reworked by hand and then cast in metal in an elaborate and authentic casting process. After that, the blank is again intensively reworked by hand, sanded and polished. This is not thin sheet metal or a resin casting with a thin metal coating, but a very heavy and valuable work of solid bronze with a diameter of about 90mm and a weight of about 120 grams.
These ornamental discs found versatile use as applications and badges of honor, especially in the military field. They are known mainly from gravestones of Roman centurions and officers who wore the insignia on a breastplate, but also horse harnesses of the 1st century were decorated with them. Identical phalerae are depicted on tombstones of Roman horsemen or officers, such as the stone of the signum bearer Gnaeus Musius in Mainz.


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Delivery time 3-4 weeks
weight 0.120000
size 90 mm
Era Romans
Material Bronze
Kind of replica Militaria
scope of delivery With rivets and instructions, ready to assemble.
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