Roman Belt Set Velsen, Bronze

Fitting set of a Roman military belt based on finds from Velsen / NL, ca. 28 AD. These simple belt fittings are typical of the early imperial era.

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Roman Belt Set Velsen, Bronze

Set of Roman military belt fittings, based on finds from Velsen / NL. According to the closed find of the original pieces, the set comprises a buckle, two plates with round discs as suspensions for a military dagger, as well as 5 simple, undecorated plates.
These simple belt fittings are typical of the early imperial era and can also be found, for example, on the Augustan battlefield of Kalkriese. The belt plates have mushroom buttons on the back for easy attachment without rivets and have a size of about 2.8 x 5.5 cm. 

The belt parts are hand-cast using the lost wax process and then polished to a mirror-like gloss on the front.

On request, the fittings are also available with a silver plating, the surcharge here is 80 euros.
Numerous wells were documented during excavations at the Velsen 1 site in the Netherlands. Human remains were discovered in numerous wells, which are likely to be associated with the Roman occupation or the associated Frisian rebellion around 28 AD.
Particularly noteworthy are the remains of an approximately 1.90 m tall Roman legionnaire who was found under a layer of stones and rubble together with parts of his equipment in well II. In addition to the remains of the skeleton, an A19 bronze brooch and the remains of shoes were recovered. The outstanding finds, however, include the complete military belt with its simple, undecorated fitting plates and a richly decorated military dagger (Pugio).
This belt set was made for the reconstruction of the find for the Museum Velsen.
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Delivery time 6-7 weeks
Era Romans
Material Silver 925
Kind of replica Belt Buckles and Fittings
scope of delivery With rivets and instructions, ready to assemble.
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