Ceres (Demeter) Statue, Bronze

Statuette of Ceres (gr. Demeter) made of pure bronze. The figure was inspired by a small marble statue from the British Museum.

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Small statuette of Ceres (gr. Demeter),  Bronze

Statuette of Ceres made of pure bronze. The figure was inspired by a small marble statue from the British Museum. The original is from Athens and dates back to the 2nd century AD. It is made by hand in the traditional lost-wax casting technique. The raw cast is then elaborately reworked, sanded and polished. Height with base about 11 cm.


Small statuette of Ceres (gr. Demeter),  Bronze

The myth of Demeter and her daughter Persephone was of great importance in antiquity. According to legend, Persephone was abducted by Hades, the god of the underworld. Demeter, the goddess of fertility, was very worried and went in search of her daughter. The torch the statue is carrying is supposed to illuminate the darkness and symbolizes her journey. She neglected her duties in her sadness, so the country iced and all plants died. The first winter came over the world and brought death over animals and humans.
Persephone finally managed to escape from the underworld with the help of Hermes. Demeter was so happy about it that the earth became fertile again and blossomed. But since Persephone had eaten of a pomegranate in the underworld, she had entered into a relationship with Hades, so she had to spend a third of the year in the realm of the dead. Therefore, Demeter brings the fruitful spring and summer in the time Persephone is with her, and in the winter lets the plants wither and haunt the earth when her daughter is in the underworld with Hades.

In Eleusis near Athens was the central sanctuary of Demeter, which was worshiped by a secret mystery cult. The procedure and the contents were strictly confidential, the initiates were forbidden to report on capital punishment. Possibly the mystery cult (which was later even elevated to Athenian state cult) existed since Minoan times. In the 4th century AD, the worship of the cult was banned by Theodosius by decree, the temple of Demeter was finally destroyed in 395 AD by the Goths.

Demeter was worshiped as the goddess of agriculture and fertility, but beyond that she is also the protector of the divine order of life and death on our earth. In addition to her attributes such as fruits, snake, grain-wreath and  corn, Demeter was often portrayed wearing a torch. This is a sign of her nightly search for her daughter Persephone, which also makes her the patron saint of seekers and travelers. Her maternal love also makes her the goddess of family and prosperity.
Her name can be found again in "Cervisia", a beer-like drink made from grain and the "cereals" as food.

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