Viking Penannular Brooch Karmöy, Bronze

Viking penannular brooch, inspired by a find from Norway (Karmöy). Authentic reconstruction from genuine bronze, 9th century.

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Viking Penannular Brooch, Karmöy

Viking penannular brooch, authentically made after an archaeological single find from Norway (Karmöy). The penanular brooch is decorated with animal heads, probably somr mythical beasts or dragons. The penannular brooch can be used as a cloth fastener in the same way like the original.The find is on display at the archaeological museum at Starvanger, Inv. No. S1052. We suggest to prepare the cloth with some slopes or reenforced holes to avoid any damage of the strong pin.

The diameter of the viking penannular brooch is 59mm, the pin is 85mm long.


Viking Penannular Brooch, Karmöy

This penannular brooch from Norway belongs to a small group of ring fibulas with profiled animalhead terminals  (Graham Campbell 1987: Group I, E), copying “the Pictish type of animal-headed brooch from St. Ninian’s Isle and Freswick … with the characteristic addition of stamped ornament” (GrahamCampbell 1987:237).
Most specimens and fragments come from western Norway, individual pieces have been found in Kaupang and also in Jutland / Denmark. This type of ring fibula dates to the 9th century AD.




More Informations:
Kaupang Excavation Project Publication Series, Volume 3
Graham-Campbell, 1987: Western penannular brooches and their Viking Age copies in Norway: a new classification. In: J. Knirk (ed.): Proceedings of the Tenth Viking Congress, Larkollen, Norway, 1985. Universitetets Oldsaksamlings Skrifter, Ny rekke, vol. 9, pp. 231–46. Oslo.

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size 59 x 85 mm
Era Vikings
Material Bronze
Kind of replica Fibulae and Brooches
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