Vindolanda Tablet, beech wood

Hölzerne Schreibtafel oder Schreibblatt nach den bekannten Vorbildern aus Vindolanda. Die Vindolanda Tafel besteht aus dünn geschnittenem Buchenholz in authentischer Form und Abmessungen.

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Vindolanda tablets - our reproduction

Wooden writing tablet or writing sheet after the finds of the Vindolanda tablets. The Vindolanda tablet consists of thinly cut beechwood in authentic form and dimensions of about 19 x 7 cm. The Vindolanda tablet  can be covered with writing by normal ink. Due to the low material strength the vindolanda tablet can be folded and tied by the holes authentically.

The vindolanda tablets - the original finds from Hadrian´s wall

Vindolanda is a roman auxilliary fortress near the Hadrian´s wall in northern Britain. Due to the preserving wet conditions, archaeological remains of organic material like wood, leather tents and boots are still present. The Vindolanda tablets are the oldest surviving handwritten documents in Britain. They are also probably the best source of information about life on Hadrian's Wall in the time between 85 and 130 AD.
Written on fragments of thin, post-card sized wooden leaf-tablets with carbon-based ink, the tablets give evidence to military records and private communication between the soldiers and their families. So the Vindolanda tablets belong to the greatest treasures of history. (pic. wikimedia commons, vindolanda tablets by Michel Wal)

Here you can find the vindolanda tablet database:

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